• Servicii de consultanță in resurse umane și psihologie organizațională
    Organisational Psychology and HR Consulting Services

Welcome to our website!

It is our pleasure and privilege to present our organisational psychology and HR consultancy services.

When you want to know what are the capabilities of your employees, how to support them in their development, how your employees are feeling about working for your company and how you engage them further, we are here to assist you.

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Psychometric Assessment

Identify the best fit for the role! Minimise recruitment and promotion risks.

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360 Degrees Feedback

Employees' performance is assessed not just by their manager but also by their direct reports, peers and customers.

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Employee Surveys

A company with engaged employees is more profitable. If you want to better motivate and engage your team, we are here to assist you. 

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Competency framework

Competencies are sets of behaviours that make a person successful in a certain job or company. Define the competency framework for your company!

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Performance Management

Implement a process ensures the expectations are clearly communicated and performance is objectively measured across your company!

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