Evaluari 360 grade

360 degrees feedback or the multi-rater feedback is an assessment method where the performance of the employee is rated not just by the line manager, but by a number of people who the employee is working with on regular basis. 

Results are consolidated to reflect the performance feedback from the line manager, direct reports and peers. Self assessment and feedback from clients and vendors can also be included.

Complete 360 degrees feedback services

With dedicated project manager and HR Consultancy services along each step of the project.

360 degrees feedback features you can choose from:


✓ Complete library of items to choose from for your questionnaire*

✓ Your own items and competency model

✓ Customisable question format and rating scale

✓ Raters can choose to add comments or qualitative feedback*

✓ Customised questionnaires for different rater groups

✓ Multiple languages


✓ Administered with Elia Consulting  online system*

✓ Your logo and branding

✓ Anonymity of the raters*

✓ Invites and reminders*

✓ Progress of participants is monitored*

✓ Paper version available


✓ Easy to understand*

✓ Flexible reporting style

✓ Individual feedback report*

✓ Personal development plan template*

✓ Group report

Other features

✓ Improvement / Gap report

✓ Analysis of qualitative feedback

✓ Individual feedback delivered by our specialists

✓ Presentation of the group results


Initial setup for the BASIC option - $ 500 (one time fee)

Cost for each person receiving feedback - $ 50 (for BASIC option)


Please contact us for quotations for complex options that include customisation or more features.

* Features included in the BASIC option