We are HR consultants, organisational psychologists and researchers with robust expertise in designing and implementing HR solutions. We are certified for psychometric testing and organisational psychology by British Psychological Society (BPS), European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) and Romanian Association of Psychologists (COPSI).

We have worked in HR consultancy for many years and we have extensive international exposure to government and non-government companies from a diverse range of industries. Our core specialisations include: psychometric assessment, employee surveys, 360 degrees feedback, competency frameworks and performance management.


To become the company of choice for psychometric assessment and employee surveying services. 


To provide excellent organisational psychology services that are cost effective, address the needs of the client and bring value by increasing efficiency. 


Integrity – We adhere firmly to social and ethical principles

Accountability – We take responsibly for our actions

Technology – We believe in the power of modern technology  and its impact in our society 

Why our clients choose Elia Consulting:

Professional consultants – Our consultants are renowned experts in Human Resources and they will always be there to support the clients professionally and with a smile 

Value for money –  The use of  modern technology, international best practices and our project management skills reflect in the quality of our services

20 years experience in Organisational Psychology and Human Resources

Certified for more than 50 psychometric tests 

Projects in Europe and Middle East 

World-renowned Clients