Psychometric assessments are conducted in organisations to identify employees' strengths and development areas related to job requirements. Psychometric tests are used among other instruments for selection of new employees or for professional development of current employees. 

Assessment Centers:

An assessment center is an objective technique that includes a number of tests and exercises and it is used to measure suitability of a candidate for a certain job or company. Therefore, a company can easily identify the best fit for the role and minimise the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates lowering the recruitment cost.

Development Centers:

When a company needs to improve employees' performance, it invests in employees' development. For the training initiative to be cost effective, the company needs to identify correctly the training needs. Therefore, employees' capabilities are measured with  a set of tests and exercises and strengths and developments areas are identified. When the assessment is conducted for development purpose, feedback sessions will be provided to participants to increase the impact.

Assessment reports reflect the results in the context of  job particularities.

Our Certifications:

Elia Consulting team comprise of HR professionals and organisational psychologists that are certified by British Psychological SOciety (BPS), European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) and Romanian Association of Psychologists (COPSI) to use more than 50 psychometric tests including some of the most reputable instruments world wide like CAS ++, SHL, Psytech, MBTI, etc.